Mocho - Women's surf poncho

The idea MochO (My Original Cho) was created at the iconic Bondi Beach, Sydney, Australia.

We love the ocean and the lifestyle that living near the Pacific offers but we were tired of getting changed in the car or under a towel so we sought a different approach. We wanted to dry off and get changed in comfort at the beach.

We wanted to keep life as simple as possible, we wanted more than a towel with a hood.  We wanted a luxurious experience after we left the water.   We wanted to find an item to eliminate the stress, the surf/change struggle.  It didn’t exist.

Over a coffee after a surf, the decision was made to create our own solution and MochO – our take on a women’s surf poncho – was born.

Explore our shop and find your MochO.

Emma and Abigail xx