The Concept

MochO (My Original Cho) is the ultimate women’s luxury ocean poncho, much more than a hooded towel, MochO favours design, practicality and coverage. Part cape, part hoodie, part towel it has been created with the Australian ocean as its muse.

With a yearning to keep life as free and easy as possible, MochO has been designed to take one less thing out of your hands and off your mind. The garment is created in Australia with high quality terry cotton imported from Portugal.

It has taken three years to fully realise the design of MochO. The concept was to create a simple, yet stylish and comfortable garment. After many different creations this vision has resulted into the MochO available today.

MochO Hooded Towel
MochO Changing Towel

The design

The MochO luxury ocean poncho is more than a hooded towel. A simple flip of the cape onto your shoulders offers complete freedom to reach high. The ample hood has warmth and capability to dry hair, shield from the sun and protect from the cold. Use the studs to create a personal changing studio or undo them for liberty of movement.

The pop of colour hidden in the pockets, hood and body is subtle. Each MochO has a stamp, an authenticity mark, embroidered on the right shoulder.

The colour range is inspired by the Pacific Ocean. First Light is the pink that warms the sky at sunrise. Glassy is the clear, aqua water on a bright sunny day. White Wash is the froth of water breaking on the beach. Storm is the anger of a Southerly storm surging up the coast.

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